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Adventure in India is a thrilling option and one can chose various types of adventure sports in this country keeping the diversity in mind. There are mountain ranges with the snow and also there are fascinating beaches and backwaters offering the adventure that can be a unique excitement in the life. One has the chance to enjoy the trekking in the regions of Himachal, Ladakh and various belts of Kashmir. Trekking requires stamina and it is better to move in groups for this purpose.

Apart from trekking, the tourist has the option to enjoy the skiing and river rafting. Skiing is a wonderful sport and one can enjoy it in Manali and Kashmir. The landscapes and the snow slopes of these regions are truly perfect for the skiing adventure. River rafting in India requires a special skill and guts. There can be a danger at the higher levels when the individual has to cross the dangerous rapids. Enjoy in the safari adventure in the national parks of India.
One finds biking in the Himalayan region of the country as one of the finest experience of life. This is a fascinating adventure and involves fun as well as excitement. When the rider goes in a full speed, there is not only an emotion but also the thrill.
India is a paradise for the bird watching and the country can truly be called as the home for the ornithologist. There are uncountable bird species in India making the country the finest land for the birds. One can enjoy a good bird watching in the Himalayan destination of Nainital. In the jungles of Jim Corbett, there are many species of birds.
Camel Safari
India is also a land of safari adventure because of the national parks and desert. Camel safari on the sand dunes of Thar Desert across Rajasthan is a dream experience of life. Camel is called the ship of the desert and one can only have a complete desert experience only with a camel ride. Camel safari is a great experience
India is a wonderful country when it comes to camping or the family camping activities. Camping in India is a dream experience and one can enjoy the moonlight, the dumba [lamb in the fire], coffee aroma and much more. One can hire the tent with family and enjoy the roasted chicken cooked with the aromatic spices of these regions.
Desert trip in India is an exciting trip and this grants the opportunity to see the diversity and the culture of the regions. The magical charm of the desert land is something the tourist can remember throughout life. Not only are the forts and palaces in Rajasthan.....
The adventure of mountaineering is quite fascinating. It is said that mountaineering not only relishes the mind and body but also the soul too. In India, there are many mountains to climb. The mountains in Manali and Ladakh offer great experience to the climber. This is like opening a seal to heaven. Mountaineering in India provides an eternal charm.
Paragliding in India is a wonderful sport and it grants the individual the freedom to fly like a bird. One can enjoy the paragliding adventure in Pune. There are many paragliding institutes in the country and these provide an excellent training in this area. Sanasar is another place for paragliding. In paragliding adventure, one takes few steps forward the slope and later glides down.
River Rafting
River rafting is a great adventure and the individual enjoys this adventure in the river. In India, river rafting is a well known water adventure sport of India and there are many regions of north where one can enjoy this sport. Enjoy the river rafting across the Ganga valley.
India is a land of safari tours because the country is quite diverse and is full of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and the fascinating desert called Thar. Rajasthan provides exclusive desert safari on the sand dunes across the belts of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner...
Skiing is one of the fascinating sports and it gives a complete opportunity to encounter with snow. One can enjoy skiing taking the precautions. It is better to learn from the experts and then go for this snow sport. There are many skiing destinations in India and some of them are Auli, Gulmarg, and Manali etc.
In India, trekking is a great adventure and the tourists love to enjoy this sport because of the fascination and the thrill associated with it. The Indian Himalayan and the Karakoram regions offer the best in terms of trekking adventure.
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